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    In today’s competitive job market, having an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) friendly resume can significantly increase your chances of landing interviews. These systems are used by employers to efficiently manage and screen job applications, meaning your resume needs to be optimised to pass through these digital gatekeepers. If you’re in Wellington and seeking professional assistance with crafting an ATS friendly resume, look no further then Wellington Resume. 

    Understanding ATS Friendly Resumes:

    1. Definition:

    • ATS friendly resumes refer to CVs or resumes that are optimised to meet the criteria of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) utilised by employers during the recruitment process.
    • These systems are software applications designed to parse through resumes and identify specific keywords, qualifications and experiences relevant to job openings.
    1. Purpose:

    • The primary purpose of an ATS friendly resume is to increase the likelihood of your application being noticed and considered by recruiters.
    • By aligning your resume with the requirements of ATS, you enhance your chances of passing through the initial screening process and reaching human recruiters for further consideration.
    1. Functionality:

    • ATS scan resumes electronically, searching for predetermined keywords and phrases related to the job description.
    • The software then ranks resumes based on the frequency and relevance of these keywords, filtering out applicants who do not meet the specified criteria.
    1. Key Components:

    • Keywords: Incorporating industry-specific keywords and phrases is crucial for ATS optimisation. These keywords are typically drawn from the job description and may include skills, qualifications and job titles.
    • Formatting: ATS friendly resumes often utilise a simple and clean format to ensure easy parsing by the software. Avoiding complex layouts, graphics and unusual fonts can help prevent formatting errors.
    • File Format: Choosing a compatible file format, such as .docx or .pdf, is essential for ensuring that your resume is accurately parsed by ATS without any technical issues.
    1. Benefits:

    • Increases Visibility: Optimising your resume for ATS enhances its visibility to recruiters, increasing the likelihood of being shortlisted for interviews.
    • Saves Time: By efficiently filtering and sorting through resumes, ATS streamlines the recruitment process for employers, allowing them to focus on the most qualified candidates.
    • Improves Candidate Experience: Candidates whose resumes pass through ATS screening and reach human recruiters are more likely to have a positive experience throughout the hiring process.

    Wellington Resume understands the intricacies of ATS-friendly resumes and implements best practices in resume optimisation. By doing so, candidates can significantly improve their chances of success in today’s competitive job market

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    Key Elements of an ATS Friendly Resume:

    1. Formatting:

    • Wellington Resume will assist you in selecting a clean and simple layout that is easy to read and navigate, ensuring your resume is ATS friendly.
    • Our experts recommend using standard fonts like Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman to guarantee compatibility with ATS systems.
    • We advise against incorporating fancy fonts, graphics, or tables that may not be recognised by ATS, maintaining professionalism throughout.
    • Your information will be logically organised with clear headings and bullet points, optimising it for easy scanning by recruiters and ATS alike.
    • Consistent spacing and alignment will be maintained across your document to uphold a polished appearance.
    1. Keywords:

    • Our experts have researched and will incorporate industry-specific keywords and phrases relevant to your desired role.
    • Wellington Resume will work with you to seamlessly incorporate these keywords throughout your resume, particularly in the skills and experience sections.
    • We’ll ensure that your resume aligns with job descriptions and postings, strategically including key terms used by employers.
    • Our approach avoids overstuffing your resume with keywords, as this can appear unnatural and may trigger red flags for ATS.
    1. File Format:

    • When you entrust us with your resume, we’ll save it in a compatible file format such as .docx or .pdf, ensuring it can be effortlessly parsed by ATS platforms.
    • We steer clear of uncommon file formats or extensions that may not be recognised by ATS systems, prioritising seamless compatibility.
    • Before submission, we meticulously check the compatibility of your resume file, ensuring it can be opened and read by ATS without any formatting errors.
    • If submitting through an online portal, we adhere to the specific file format guidelines provided by the employer, guaranteeing a smooth application process.
    1. Section Headings:

    • Wellington Resume will guide you in using clear and descriptive section headings to effectively organise your resume content.
    • Our experts recommend including sections such as “Professional Summary,” “Work Experience,” “Education,” “Skills,” and “Additional Information” to provide a comprehensive overview.
    • Formatting techniques like bolding or underlining will be strategically employed to make section headings stand out, facilitating navigation for both ATS and human recruiters.
    • Each section will be meticulously tailored to the job requirements, highlighting your qualifications and maximising your chances of success.

    Benefits of Hiring CV Makers in Wellington: Wellington Resume

    1. Expertise:

    • When you choose Wellington Resume, you gain access to a team of professionals who possess extensive knowledge of applicant tracking system (ATS) intricacies.
    • Our experts comprehend the ATS algorithm’s function and can strategically tailor your resume to meet the unique requirements of various industries and job roles.
    • By leveraging our expertise, you ensure that your resume not only garners attention from ATS but also resonates with hiring managers and recruiters, enhancing your chances of securing interviews.
    1. Customisation:

    • Wellington Resume prides itself on providing a high level of customisation to meet your individual needs.
    • Our professionals offer personalised resume writing services tailored to your specific background, career goals and industry preferences.
    • Whether you’re a recent graduate venturing into the job market or a seasoned professional seeking career advancement, we collaborate closely with you to highlight your skills, experiences and achievements in a manner that aligns with your professional aspirations.
    1. Time Savings:

    • Crafting an ATS-friendly resume demands meticulous attention to detail, extensive research into industry-specific keywords and continuous refinement.
    • By entrusting this task to Wellington Resume, you can save significant time and effort.
    • Our professionals possess the expertise and resources to efficiently create and optimise your resume, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your job search, such as networking, interview preparation, or skill enhancement.
    1. Increased visibility:

    • In today’s fiercely competitive job market, standing out is paramount.
    • A professionally crafted ATS-friendly resume from Wellington Resume significantly enhances your visibility to recruiters and hiring managers.
    • By adhering to ATS best practices and integrating relevant keywords and phrases, we ensure that your resume sails through ATS filters effortlessly.
    • This heightened visibility not only elevates your chances of being shortlisted for interviews but also positions you as a formidable candidate in the eyes of potential employers.

    Partnering with Wellington Resume for your CV crafting needs offers a myriad of benefits beyond mere resume writing. Our services encompass expertise, customisation, time savings and increased visibility, serving as invaluable assets in today’s competitive job market. Whether you’re embarking on a job search journey or aiming for career advancement, teaming up with Wellington Resume can provide you with the competitive edge necessary for success.

    How Wellington Resume Can Help:

    Wellington Resume is your trusted partner in crafting ATS friendly resumes that stand out. With a team of experienced professionals, we understand the nuances of ATS and are dedicated to helping you succeed in your job search. Our personalised resume writing services are tailored to your unique needs, ensuring that your resume showcases your skills and accomplishments effectively. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Don’t let ATS barriers hold you back – partner with Wellington Resume and take your career to new heights.


    In conclusion, investing in an ATS friendly resume is essential for modern job seekers looking to navigate the digital recruitment landscape successfully. By enlisting the help of top CV makers in Wellington, such as Wellington Resume, you can ensure that your resume stands out for all the right reasons. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, partnering with experts who understand the nuances of ATS can make all the difference in your job search journey. So why wait?

    Take the first step towards securing your dream job today with an ATS friendly resume from Wellington’s finest resume makers.

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