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    5 Ways to Spice Up Your Resume

    A great first impression goes a long way in life in general. It can determine whether you secure that first meeting or head start in whatever it is you are pursuing. This is especially true in the realm of job hunting, mostly applicable to fresh graduates or beginners searching for their first employment experience. With this in mind, it is a fact that having an excellent resume gives you the edge over other applicants who apply also. 

    Below are 5 easy and efficient ways to give your resume that extra edge to aid you in securing your dream job.

    1. Get to the Point – Employers appreciate someone who knows what they’re talking about and does not ‘beating around the bush’. Avoid adding irrelevant information to your application. Including only the vital information and ensuring to focus and narrow down the facts is essential in creating an impactful resume.
    2. Highlight your accomplishments – Key achievements are work achievements performed by a job seeker that are both measurable and unique to their experience. When listing them on your resume it is different to duties or responsibilities in that duties and responsibilities are virtually the same for any employee in a similar role. Achievements are relevant to you personally. Putting a spotlight on how you handled a difficult situation shows your commitment to excellence which is a trait potential companies place in high regard.
    3. Use Numbers – In addition to the above, quantity does not take a backseat when it comes to hard data. If possible, try to provide a number or percentage on tasks completed as prospective employers use this as a metric for future performances. Giving you resume a healthy dose of statistics helps solidify any effect your actions may have brought your previous work.
    4. Be Specific – Most if not all job posts have points listed which the ideal candidate will possess. These are usually a short checklist designed so the Hiring Personnel knows you are the right candidate for the job. Focus on what it is asked and try not to stray far from it. Do not forget to cite any technical skills or knowledge learned from both official and personal experiences. 
    5. Double Check – After you’ve created or edited your resume, don’t forget to double check on everything. This includes dates, numbers, references, spelling, grammar and so on. This will make your resume easy to read and free of any discrepancies that may raise some inquiries. Preserving the integrity of the document also displays your aversion to errors. Be sure to use Australian English and include any role or industry specific keywords.

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